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VERTEX ASTRONOMY: The Vertex is defined as the intersection of the prime vertical and the ecliptic in the west. The prime vertical is the imaginary line drawn from our heads to zenith, which runs from east to west. The ecliptic is the apparent path across the sky of the zodiac’s constellations. Given that the Earth’s axis of rotation is inclined, the ecliptic is too, so the position of the Vertex depends on the time of year and the latitude where one stands.

VERTEX ASTROLOGY: The Vertex announces life events in which we are prisoners of fate. It tells us how the world sees the face presented by ascendant. It is a blind point of the present, which becomes a mirror in the past. The element water represents free flow of emotions, and on this birth chart, the Vertex is the only point that falls on a zodiac sign whose element is water. This turns the Vertex into a privileged channel for emotional expression, which, by being in Scorpio, takes on its characteristic passion and intensity. The opposition of the Vertex with Mars boosts the vitality and energy of the warrior, while the square of the Vertex with Jupiter, father of Mars, offers an opportunity for growth. Pluto, which is the regent planet of the sign of Scorpio, is considered the superior “octave” of Mars, which means that Pluto is a refined version of the brute Martian energy, hence it adds this energy transformed into power and violence, proper to the god of the underworld. The square that Pluto has with Saturn, god of time, implies structure and tenacity, while the aspects that Pluto has with the ascendant and the Sun endow the anger buried deep with expressivity. It is because of the Vertex and its escape valve that the lessons of responsibility and discipline offered by Saturn can be learned, who bases his paternal authority on the element earth of midheaven in Taurus. All planets gathered here are masculine archetypes, as well as the Sun in Aquarius and the rising Leo, which confer masculine polarity, hence the predominantly masculine energy expressed in this movement.

SUMMARY: Father, structure, discipline, tenacity, growth, energy, masculinity, intensity, passion, power, wrath, violence, blindness, fate.

For me, all of this helped interpret the years I played heavy metal with my band Profecía. These were the pent-up emotions that could only find a way out through music and slam diving. A structure was needed for the gigs, discipline for the rehearsals and tenacity to persevere through bad times, which were more often than not. They were years of enormous growth, as a guitarist and composer, but especially in the transformation of my paternal image, represented by the fact that my father has his Sun in Scorpio and that it is through my Vertex in Scorpio that I can communicate with him. It was my father who taught me to listen to music, who took me to my first orchestra concerts, and who gave me my first electric guitar. Thanks to him, I found a way to focus my energy. This movement is based on a Profecía track called “Noctambulos” which in “Equinoccio” narrated the rising of the Sun.

To my father.