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MYTHOLOGY: It is said that Selene, the goddess of the Moon, was the sister of Helios, god of the sun, and that her task was to light the skies at nighttime. She did this until one clear night she spotted the shepherd Endymion asleep on the mountain, and, struck by his beauty, left her post in the sky to lie down with him. Zeus was enraged to see the world in darkness because of Selene so he punished Endymion to eternal sleep. After much pleading, Selene managed to get Zeus to allow her to visit her beloved for one whole night each month, being content to visit him for brief spells or caressing him from on high during the other nights.

ASTROLOGY: The Moon revolves around Earth and moves through our sky faster than the farther planets. This is why the Moon represents the day-to-day, the personal life. It is also linked with emotional patterns of the past acquired during infancy. The Moon in Aries makes feelings to be more on edge and establishes the need for female approval. The conjunction of the Moon with the stable and patient Taurus in the midheaven causes aspirations and goals to be built patiently and contain strong emotional content, since Taurus is a sign of female polarity. This is related with the affectionate and giving Leo, with which both have a square. The aspect of the Moon with the Sun, in conjunction with Venus, crystallizes the ego and love into one single unit that will always be expressed simultaneously, added with the friendly and humanitarian qualities of Aquarius. Also in conjunction by Venus is Ceres, whose female archetype is the mother, goddess of nutrition.
The Sun, Venus and Ceres form a triple square with the Moon and the midheaven and a triple opposition to the ascendant, creating a great triangle whose cusp is opposite to Vesta, goddess of home and family. Added to all of these female influences is the god Neptune, sovereign of tides and music, which is the superior “octave" of Venus, hence it is regarded as refined Venusian energy. The aspect that Neptune has with the Moon connects the world of dreams with the day-to-day, and the trine it has with the ascendant allows inspiration to find expression. The other trine of Neptune, shared with Venus, unifies the god of music with the goddess of art and beauty.

SUMMARY: Mother, day-to-day, nutrition, family, generosity, patience, love, femininity, emotion, dreams, inspiration, expression, art, beauty.

My daily life is an entirely female environment. I live with my mother, my aunt and sporadically with my sister. It is my mother who, with her generosity and patience, has allowed my dreams the time to find inspiration, and my emotions and femininity to find their expression in art. Family love is that inexhaustible source of nutrition that comes from my surroundings and filter into my daily tasks, my profession itself. I am not a composer by chance; this is how I express my femininity, my fecundity.
This movement is based on a dance for a female chorus in Greek theatre, which in “Equinoccio" represented the setting of the sun before the rising of the Moon.

To my mother.