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MITHOLOGY: The legend goes that Kronos desired the nymph Philyra, and that on the day he manages to seduce her. Rhea, his wife, caught them in the act, turning him into a stallion before taking flight. The centaur Chiron, was the fruit of this union, a creature half-man and half-horse. Horrified by his own son, his mother rejected him, but Apollo, god of the Sun, took pity of the young Chiron and taught him martial arts, philosophy, music and medicine. Chiron in turn became a teacher, with Achilles and Hercules being the most renowned pupils. One day, by chance, Hercules wounded him with a poisoned arrow, from which he did not die since he was half immortal, but from which he suffered for the rest of his days. Chiron acquired a vast knowledge of medicine in the search for a cure for his wound, which made him a great healer of others; however, he was never able to heal himself. Hercules pleaded with Zeus to let Chiron take the place of Prometheus in the Tartarus. Zeus consented to this, thereby putting an end to the centaur’s suffering.

ASTROLOGY: Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, and as its orbit crosses that of both,  it is thought that Chiron has the key between the inferior and superior planets, between the instinctive and the cultural. Chiron, the wounded healer, is in the sign of Aries, grows independent and combative, but by sharing square with Pallas Athena, goddess of logic and strategy, submits its instinctive being to culture and education. The other aspect that Chiron has is with Juno, the consort of Jupiter, who together with Pallas, is in square with Uranus, god of freedom and innovation. This configuration pits the desire for freedom of Chiron, Uranus, and Aquarius against Juno’s need for marriage and commitment. This conflict is worsened by the fact that the solar sign, the ascendant and the midheaven are in signs of fixed quality, hence the double opposition of Aquarius with Leo and of Uranus and Taurus, crystallizes marked stubbornness, obstinacy, and the need for maintaining freedom and independence at any cost. Uranus is the superior “octave” of Mercury with which it shares a trine. This adds the mind and communication of the god of the wind to the originality and inventiveness of Uranus, Pallas, Aquarius and Chiron. All planets and asteroids of this movement share intelligence as a quality, including the sign of Aquarius, which by having air as its element belongs to the world of ideas. However, all of this intellectuality is offset by the drama and ardency of Leo, the sensitivity and femininity of Taurus, the jealousy and sensuality of Juno, and the savage and untamed half of Chiron.

SUMMARY: Independence, freedom, mind, logic, combat, strategy, innovation, ardency, sensuality, matrimony, commitment, drama, stubbornness, obstinacy.

The obstinacy of always putting my musical projects and my freedom as a priority over conjugal commitment has frightened off more than one pretty Juno from my life. The paradox is that my deep and untamed part composes in order to seduce that sensitive and sensual nature for which I long, and which causes me terrible wounds upon parting. I composed this movement during the months after ending my engagement, and it is based on the ostinato of the danzón, I composed for my brother’s wedding. In “Equinoccio” this movement led to the zenith.

To Valentina.