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ASTRONOMY: The Moon’s Nodes are the path where the Moon crosses the Earth’s orbit. The North Node is the one that crosses the terrestrial orbit when traveling north, and the South Node is the one crossing in the opposite direction.

ASTROLOGY: The Moon’s Nodes are the axis of the soul’s magnetic polarity. The north projects us toward the future and the south gravitates towards the past. They form an axis, on which one cannot exist without the other, marking the backbone of a great dragon whose head begins up north and whose tail ends down south. The tail represents habits from the distant past and even past lives; it makes us feel comfortable and rooted in the tradition of millenary inertia. The head, on the other hand, represents the opportunity of enormous growth, that which we have come to resolve in this incarnation; our Karma. The great dragon crawls backwards over the zodiac, moving across time to foretell the future. It points towards later growth and predicts specific event of our lives. The dragon’s head of the Moon’s North Node is the oracle of the zodiac. It takes 7 years to invert its polarity and 14 to return to its birthplace. This karmic cycles define clear landmarks on the path of our lives, which in my case coincide completely with the prophecy of the great dragon.

After 14 years, the first return to the Moon’s North Node occurs, announcing the self-orientation towards culture, and the development of mental and emotional faculties:

In 1988, when I was fourteen, a guitar fell into my hands for the first time, and I rearranged my priorities, that were until then focused on sports, fully towards music, and developing the mental and emotional skills for it.

After 21 years, the polarity inverts which brings with it rebellion against the family and the desire to build one’s own home and life.

In 1995, at 21 years of age, I left home to live with my girlfriend Abeyamí.

After 28 years, the second return of the North Node to Sagittarius occurs, which prophesizes travels abroad, professional success and the beginning of the road to fulfillment with the aid of an older person:

In 2002, at 28 years of age, “La Mengambrea” obtained an honorific mention in a contest; I went to Paris to the International Rostrum of Composers of the UNESCO, where “La Condena” was recognized; I was given a commission to compose “ínguesu” and I obtained the support of FONCA to make this record.

As for the support for finding my path, this without question came from María Antonieta Lozano, who trained me as a musician, employed me as a teacher, contributed cash to this project, took part in the production, and loaned the pianos for the recording.

I began this movement jamming an Arabian rhythm on the djembe by the fireside on a trip to the beach, and I finished it working late into the night on the prepared piano loaned by María Antonieta in the CIEM. In “Equinoccio”, this movement narrated the millenary dance of the northern dragon, with the zodiac at the nadir of the night.

To María Antonieta.