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Dan-Son was originally composed for the traditional Mexican big-band-like ensemble called danzonera. These bigbands only play the Cuban-Mexican dance form called Danzón, and are still very popular in the Mexican Atlantic coast.

Dan-Son respected the traditional Danzón structure: refrain, theme, refrain and finale.
Once I received a commission from Álvaro Bitrán for writing an arrangement of this piece for his multiple cellos project, I decided to add two more sections at the end: the first one inspired on a Cuban traditional dance form called son, and the second one based on a Mexican dance called son istmeño. By doing this I violated the structure of the traditional danzón, and given that the new piece was a mixture between danzón and son, I named this new work: Dan-Son.

In order to obtain from 9 cellos the whole range of sounds that a big band offers, it was necessary to use the entire register as well as the wide palette of instrumental colors that cellos are capable of, such as expressive clarinet-like melodic lines, rhythmic pizzicato percussive textures, saxophone-like harmonic bases and trumpet-like strident screams.

This piece is dedicated to Álvaro Bitrán.